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I started on my journey when I was 9 months postpartum with my first. One day while I was making my son a special meal to ensure he was eating nothing but the best - then having crap myself - it hit me that I need to become a role model. I was skeptical - but joined my first 30 day challenge.....and experienced the magic. I realized that the community was exactly what I needed. I was experiencing high anxiety as a first time mom - and was also lonely on my mat leave and the community became something that I thrived on. I quickly jumped on board with coaching - knowing it would keep me even more accountable and saw fast results. I later became pregnant with my second son - I was active during the pregnancy, ate well - but still put on all the weight that I had during my first. It was difficult to see my body change after I worked so hard to get it into the shape that I was proud of. It was a whole new experience in learning to love my body for its strength - rather than how it looked. I am still working on losing all the baby weight - it is taking longer this time around - but the journey for me this time around has been more mental than physical. I am learning that I am stronger than what I give myself credit for. I am aiming more than just being "skinny". I want to be strong - I want to be fierce.


I began when my youngest was 1 years old and NONE of the baby weight was going anywhere. I was soft and squishy, I was exhausted and anxious and I couldn’t make it up the stairs without gasping.

I didn’t want to play with my 2 little boys, or go out any new places and before I knew it I had full blown anxiety attacks at night.
My solution was self-medications with MORE sugar and junk food as a treat to feel a little better even momentarily
I knew I couldn’t go on like this and things were only getting worse.
I jumped into home fitness with BOTH FEET and literally never looked back. At 37 my body is stronger than it EVER was even in my 20s!.
My kids are blessed with this active version of their mom and join some of my home workouts - respect my time when I do them - and eat better than ever themselves!

Basically - every aspect of my life - including my marriage - has improved.

I started in Jan 2016 with a newborn and a toddler determined to get back into my clothes. I worked out with them in the room. I had lost the “baby weight” by 9 months in and have maintained with some fluctuations since.

I’ve done this working insane shifts, on no sleep, through an episode of depression, stressed to the max. I’ve done it through significant life events. Dealing with massive hormonal challenges. I’ve done this over 40. And I’m still doing it!!!


Before starting this fitness and lifestyle journey I was showering with the lights off, not having sex with my husband (certainly never on top if it DID happen),I was tired constantly, I had arthritis pain in my hip, and I'd started to avoid going out (I said it was because I had no clothes- but why would I buy clothes for a body I was so unhappy in?)

I finally accepted the invite from my coach, Mallory, and joined her fitness accountability group. I lost 11 lbs in the first 3 weeks!

I've committed to this new healthy lifestyle and now I'm less angry and defensive- which I hadn’t even realized i was.I  thought I was loud and funny but I was determined to not change so I refused to see how unhappy I was.

Now I can’t fathom being any happier! 
Life is amazing when you feel in control of it, even if it’s only your own 30 minutes, your own superfoods breakfast, and your own plate.

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