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If this isn't on Instagram, does it mean it didn't happen?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The other night my daughter, Harlow, couldn't sleep. I was just about to have a hot apple cider, so I decided to offer her one. Together we sat at the island, sipped cider and talked about absolutely nothing important. But while nothing we were talking about was important, the moment itself was. I almost interrupted the scenario to grab my phone and snap a selfie of us for Instagram...but then quickly realized I could potentially sabotage the moment; and for what? Proof to the viewers of

Disclaimer: This picture was NOT taken during our special late night mom and daughter talk over hot cider.

Instagram that my daughter and I have a special bond?!

Sitting with my daughter, no phones, no iPads, no obligation to be doing anything else at that felt perfect. I need more of those moments.

Over the past 5 years I've been displaying my life on social media for 2 reasons. The first reason being that my calling in life is to empower women by helping them realize their worth and potential. The second reason is because both Instagram and Facebook provide me with ways to grow my audience and therefore connect with more women that I could be of service to.

But lately being on social media has become a joy sucker for me. I find myself opening the app only to end up instantly feeling overwhelmed with ads, politics, opinions...just a whole lot of "noise". How am I supposed to proceed with pouring out my heart into a post when I feel as though it's going to get lost in a sea of all of the "buy my product" content out there. It's disheartening to say the least.

At first it was hard to know if I was making the right decision for my business. It seems that everyone these days relies on social media for business; am I going backwards? Will I lose my followers? Will people still care enough to read my content if it's on my website rather than my Instagram?

Then something hit me.

My business is not the focal point in this decision. My well-being is. If social media is triggering my anxiety and causing me to compare myself to others, constantly feel like I need more material things, like I'm failing as a mom, a 30-something year old, and as a business owner- then it is NOT where I should be spending my time. I need to keep myself positive, grounded, and focused in order to stay confident in the pursuit of my calling in life. I need to stay focused on my strength, my growth, my story, and my healing in order to transpose those same things to the women I hope to help.

I need to focus on my fitness because it's what I need for my mental health not because I want the abs of one of those Instagram models. I need to stay focused on my work because the outcome makes me feel fulfilled and joyful and I have to stop being distracted by the adorable outfits and beautiful hair extensions that tempt me daily in my newsfeed. I need to indulge in uninterrupted, device free family time NOT so I can take a picture and show the world that we are just as wholesome and as loving as the Jones', but because that precious, family-focused time is what fills my cup, and those are truly the moments I live for. Those are the moments when my heart is the fullest and I feel the happiest and I need to embrace each second of that time without thinking "I need to share this with the world".

Can you relate? Does it ever feel exhausting trying to keep up with everyone? This has become part of my goal for 2020. To stop doing anything that drains my energy and does not bring me joy. If you could benefit from the same goal, be sure to follow along on this blog for inspiration, tips, ideas, and exercises that relate to self care and contentment. Let's end this tiring illusion that "If it's not on the 'gram it didn't happen"! There is so much more joy to be found all around you and off of the interwebs! <3 xo, Mallory

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