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Creating Memories of the Future...wait, what?

This past week I had my final therapy session (for now!). After 5 months I feel I’ve gained the knowledge and strategies needed to fight my inner demons; what an incredibly freeing feeling that is! So now I need to plan out my next steps. In order to do this, my therapist introduced me to a method to help me achieve my goals for the future. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “Towards Wall” practice! This practice goes hand in hand with affirmations and vision boards, so obviously I’m all about it!! Start off by thinking of the things you want for your future. Creating a vision board helps a lot with this because it allows you to physically see your goals in front of you! Then, make a list of all the things you need to do, focus on, work towards, plan for etc. in order to reach those goals. Then make a list of all the things you need to step away from in order to reach those goals. By knowing what you need to walk away from and the things you need to avoid in order to reach your goals you begin to move towards everything you want for yourself and your life. To give you a visual: Envision two walls. One wall is in front of you, and the other is behind you. The wall you are facing is filled with visions of what you don’t want for your life. As you step away from that wall and all of those negative visions, you start backing up towards the wall behind you, which is filled with visions of everything you want for yourself and your future! Something else my therapist said that made go “WHOA” was along the lines of this, when you envision your future, you are actually creating memories of things that haven’t happened yet! Read that again...confused? The more you create a picture in your mind of the future you want, you actually trick your brain into believing it’s already true, which then causes your brain to create the behaviours and habits needed to make your vision a reality. How amazing is that?! You are capable of making your brain believe anything you want it to, regardless of what your situation is. This is how affirmations work and why I am so obsessed with them! I eve have my kids pull daily affirmation cards with me because I want them to grow up feeling comfortable believing positive things about themselves! In our online fitness groups, and on our coaching team, we practice daily affirmations and we also create vision boards regularly. It really is a powerful practice to adapt. In fact, it’s life changing! In 2015 o created a vision board that included a new SUV, a family trip to Disney World, earning free trip to a business conference in Los Angeles (a place that had always been on my bucket list), a trip to a 5 star resort that we were nowhere near able to afford at the time, and the biggest vision of all- our dream home in the country! I printed off this vision board and hung it on my fridge, my bathroom mirror, in my office, and put it on my bedside table. I was constantly reminded of my goals everyday. I am proud to say that within 4 years, all of these visions cane true for us! In fact, we did the Disney World trip twice! Never underestimate the power you have over your future. You have everything it takes to live your dream life. All it takes is having a dream, turning it into a vision, creating small goals to achieve that vision, and it all starts with re-wiring your brain to BELIEVE you have what it takes to hit those goals! Use affirmations and a vision board to help! Below, I've included a link to the app I use to create my vision boards directly from my phone! And if you need some ideas for daily affirmations, you can check out my last blog post where I shared a bunch of the affirmations I use for myself! Xoxo, Mallory Vision board app-

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