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5 years ago I decided to try a new thing. 

Being 10 months postpartum, battling (unknown) postpartum depression, and hanging onto those last 10 lbs of baby weight, a change was needed. 

So, rather than soak in the tub at night with a glass (or two) of wine while dwelling on the fact that my life just wasn’t what i’d imagined it would be, I decided to take a small step towards feeling better about...well...everything. 

That small step was incorporating fitness into my day. 

But it wasn’t as easy as buying a $10 fitness DVD at Walmart- one that got repetitive and boring and was just way to HARD! I’d tried that. 7 times to be exact. 7 different $10 dvds, some that were never even taken out of the case. $70 of wasted intention. 

It took finding the perfect fit for all my needs. Something that was doable for a beginner to fitness, encouraged failing forward, included different moderations, and above all was FUN. 

And so, after finding the perfect fitness fit, the ultimate life transformation began! 


The new mom who struggled to find herself, her purpose, and her self-worth tried a new thing and transformed herself into a fulfilled, purpose driven, hard working, enthusiastic, goal driven, self employed #MOMBOSS.



Hey, I’m Sean, Mallory’s husband and Dad to our children, Harlow and Layne. I used to be super opinionated about everything and everyone. I never left my comfort zone/bubble, because I arrogantly thought I was doing everything right. 

I liked to do my “own thing” when it came to working out. I would go through the motions, dink around on my phone between sets and I would never push myself yet I thought I was pretty awesome.  

One day my wife Mallory called me out and said I didn’t work hard enough. She pointed out that my workouts would take 1.5 hours when they only needed to take 30-45 minutes. She also pointed out that I never broke a sweat during my work outs and I spent way too much time between my exercises. Pfffffft “listen small girl who is only 105lbs...I know what I’m doing, okay?” Is exactly what I thought to myself. 

Then she bought me Body Beast and challanged me to do just one workout and if that workout was easy for me then she would leave me alone and allow me to do my own workouts again. 

Well, Sagi kicked my ass up and down my basement; proving my lovely wife to be 100% correct. 

Body beast took me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. 

Fast forward to today. I’m 200lbs (I’ve gained 15 lbs of muscle), I’m faster, stronger, have better endurance, and I’m way more open minded and happy. I press play every day, follow the trainers on the screen and they kick my butt for 30-40 minutes and I love it. 

Don’t let your comfort zone, insecurities or pride prevent you from trying new things. Life is too short.

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